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April 23, 2021

Version Badges: Now with Even Shorter Lifespans

Good news! When you're embedding version badges elsewhere, you'll probably have noticed that services like GitHub like to cache them for an excruciatingly long time*, often well beyond the lifetime of the package version itself. That changes today, along with a stylish (yes, stylish, not just style) update:

Couple of things to note:

  • The cache TTL (Time-To-Live) time has been reduced from 86400 seconds (1 day) to 300 seconds (5 mins).
  • You can now generate badges for Docker images that have a version (non-hashref) assigned to them.
  • The latest version badges will now show a "(latest)" prefix; you can turn this off via "show_latest=false".
  • You can now customise the appearance of the badge (see below for more details).
  • We'll now generate a (much) nicer "version not found" badge if a package or version isn't found.

Tweaking the badge appearance:

  • Figure out how you want to tweak it by looking at the official shields attributes.
  • Find the query string in the snippet (near the question mark), and add <attribute>=<value> to it.
  • Don't forget to put an ampersand between your new value and the next part of the string.

For example, why not go for a wild and crazy alternative colour badge?

Finally: A huge thank you to shields.io for providing an amazing badge rendering service! \o/

Note*: This isn't actually GitHub's fault, our previous use of shields.io meant the Cache-Control header was always returning a max-age of 86400. So we migrated to shields.io newer JSON-based endpoint to fix it.

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