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September 01, 2020

Deprecating User-based Repositories

Between now and 25th of September, we'll be deprecating user-based repositories and accounts.

What does the deprecation mean for me?

If you have a user account, with repositories, we'll be performing the following actions for you:

  • We'll create a new organisation for you, that uses the same slug/username as your user.
  • We'll add you as an owner to that new organisation.
  • We'll transfer all of your existing repositories across to that new organisation.
  • We'll transfer your billing information across to the new organisation too.
  • We'll rename the slug/username of your user so its slightly different from the new organisation.
  • We'll send you a notification after we complete these actions, and your account has been migrated.

If you have a user account, but with no repositories:

  • No changes, but you'll need to join/create an organisation going forward to be able to create a repository.

As part of this process, we'll put the following restrictions in place:

  • You will no longer be able to create new repositories for user-based accounts.
  • You will no longer be able to interact with or view users outside of your organisation.
  • You will be required to join or create an organisation if you don't already belong to one.

Some of these steps will happen earlier than 25th of September (e.g. preventing the creation of new repositories for users). You're also free to migrate yourself earlier, at any point.

Does this affect existing organisations or their repositories?

Not at all! This is a user-focused change, and orgs are not affected.

Will I need to update any configuration after the migration?

Only if you use your username + password (or API key) to download packages. As part of the migration, your username will be changed slightly, so you're using this, you'll need to adapt your client-side configuration.

Other than that, we've designed the migration process so that the majority of your client-side tools and integrations will remain the same. The API key you were using will be the same (you'll still authenticate as your user), and any push configuration will use the same account slug/username.

The repository configurations will also remain the same, so you don't need to update/change settings, entitlement tokens, packages, etc.

For example, if your username was cloudsmyths and you were doing the following to upload a Debian package, it will still work the same:

cloudsmith push deb cloudsmyths/production/ubuntu/xenial/ cloudsmyths-1.2.5.deb

Your new username will be something like cloudsmyths-owner. So the only impact/change that might be necessary is if you are downloading packages using your username + password. If so, you'll need to update your username to match.

You'll be able to rename both your user and your organisation after the migration, in the situation you're not happy with our renames.

Why is the deprecation necessary?

This is part of our vision for being even more customer-obsessed, by focusing on the team aspects of the Cloudsmith experience. Individual users are, and always be, an integral part of our service; but the best of package management is built on collaboration with others. So by changing the focus of accounts to org-only, we hope to build even greater value for teams around the world. Other than that, this shouldn't impact how you interact with Cloudsmith. You'll just as easily be able to create an organisation with one member. :-)

Ultimately: Don't Panic! No (or little) action is necessary. You'll still be signing in as a user as you've always done.

I've got questions and/or concerns ...

For any questions or concerns, please contact us; we'll be happy to help, and put your mind at ease!

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